miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010


Hello classmates!

This time i will talk about my favourite band of Chilean music, they are “Villa Cariño” this band plays Cumbia, some songs are “No puedo olvidarla”, “Cumbia triste”, “Abril”, etc. They are singing two years, before that they were singing the Andean Music and the group called Illari.

The first time when I listen it, was two weeks ago in “Maestra Vida”, because Vicky and Estefa invited me, and then i love it!!

The last Saturday Vicky, Estefa and me, went to “Galpón Víctor Jara” to see them and we danced all night, but the best of the night was the tried to declaration of love of Vicky to Max (singer).

The next Wednesday plays in “Subterráneo”, and we will go even though we have a presentation on rural development.

I hope you like the group and I recommend it, I think they are a great band and we support the Chilean music.

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Chile vs Honduras

Hello classmates!

Now i will talk to you, about the Chile vs Honduras game and this isn´t a topic favourite for me, because i don´t know about the football.

I didn´t watch this game, because i was going at Ximena´s house, but i felt very tired, and i prefer see it in my house, i really wanted to watch it, but i had much sleep and when my alarm clock sound i can´t to awakening. However when i wake up i can to see the game, because on the news repeated it.

I hope watch the second game Chile vs Suiza, the next week on monday, and this game is at 10:00, this game will be after of test and i think that watch it with my friends at university.

For be honest i dont like it so much about the play soccer, but i think that the world cup is very funny and is a big party, especially for chilean people.
I don´t know about players, and i could say who is the best or worst, but my boyfriend says that Jean Beausejour was the best, because he put the goal, but he says that Mauricio Isla and Alexis Sanchez played well and Rodrigo Millar was the worst, because he wasn´t played much and he had a muscle injury.
Is important to be aware of what happens with the World Cup, because now everyone is talking only about that.

Sorry, but I´m not a good football commentator but I tried.

sábado, 12 de junio de 2010

Free Post!

Hello Classmates!

I will talk about my favourite Latin American singer. He is Silvio Rodriguez, he´s a Cuban musician. He is considered Cuba's best known folk singer and known for his highly eloquent and symbolic lyrics.

The first time that I listen it, was when I was a school and I love it. His music relaxes me, and when I have a stressful week, only Silvio relax me.

My favourite songs are: “Juego que me regaló un 6 de Enero”, “Mujeres”, “La familia, la propiedad privada y el amor”, “Soltar todo y largarse” and many more.

domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

My Favorite Subject

Hi classmates!

In this occasion I will talk about my favorite subject, you know that I like the area’s physical geography, but my favorite subject in this semester is rural development.

My favorite subject in this semester is rural development; the truth is that this semester the subjects have not been very well, because in my opinion the teachers aren’t committed with the subjects. However the rural development is a good subject.

The teacher is Martine Driven, she is from Belgian and she is economist and worked in CEPAL, and her classes are very interesting, although sometimes the classes are stressful, because there are many continuous hours.

In this semester I have know reality about rural communities, but from an economic vision and has been very interesting.

When I work like a geographer I hope work in the physical area, but I think that this subject help me to understand different cultures.

sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

My Best Holiday!

Hello Classmates!

On this occasion i will talk of my best holiday.

My best Holiday was in Perú, I went with my boyfriend, and went in July 2009 for winter vacations.

First we took an airplane to Arica, then we took a cab to Tacna and after we took a bus to Cusco, the trip was very long and tedious, because the bus stopped everywhere, but when we arrived to cusco was very wonderful and impressive.

In Cusco, we met a lot of ruins like Sacsayhuamán, Quenco, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay, but the best was known Machu Picchu this place is so mystical and beautiful.

In Arequipa we had little money and we can’t went to “Cañón del Colca”, but we did a city tour and know the volcanoes like “Misti”, “Chachani” and “Pichu Pichu” and went on horseback around the Chili river and was very fun.

The Peruvian people were very friendly with us, and can know their culture, this was the best of the trip, but the Peruvian meal is awful and my boyfriend and I were stomach ache.

I remember this holiday, because was my last holiday, also know Peru it was a dream for me.