martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Villa Cariño Concert e e e e e!!!

Hello classmates and Simon!

In this ocasion, i will talk about a concerts, in my life i went to few concerts like Joe Vasconcellos and Javiera Parra, becuase sometimes i dont like the crowded, but one of my favourites activies is go to Villa Cariño concert, because they aren´t very popular and for this razon i talk about it. This band plays Cumbia.
The best concert were when Estefa, Vicky and me, went to “Galpon Victor Jara”, this place is near Brasil square, we danced and singed all nigth and was very fun, this concert were at July 2010.
I very enjoyed this concert, because we were near the stage, and vocalist called Max put the microphone for singing with him, and were very exciting, because Vicky and me love him. But but the best of the night was the tried to declaration of love of Vicky to Max (singer)...jajaj..sorry Vicky.
I decided go to the event, because i really like this group and my friends invited me!, and when the concert finish, we went to Vicky house and had a great time!..also in the morning the breakfast were very delicius.
This Friday, this group premieres the second CD called “15añero” in the Amanda Central Cultures and i hope can go with my friends, for listen the new songs, like “NO!”, “15añero” and others.
Well, i hope your comments and opinions about this Chilean Group, and i recommend listening them.

martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

Dive in Galapagos Islands

Hello classmates!!!

How were the holidays???, I was a great holidays with my friends in Viña, but reggrettably the class start again, abd this time i am going to speak about something interesting or exciting for my.
I think that i would like diving the Exotic Island, in especially in Ecuador Galpagos Islands, becuase this place is very interesting and has a many particular species that you can only find there. The difference of diving there is that this place is not discovered completely, and in my opinion is a mystic place, and has a uniqued blend of marine animals.
In the Galapagos is possible to dive in the company of sea turtles, manta rays, penguins, sean lions, dolphins and numerous species of sharks, incluiding hammerheads and whale sharks.
The islands are about 30 dive sites.The tour companies specializing in diving have been operating in the Galapagos Islands for many years, offering diving courses for beginners and day tours
In 2007 when i went to Brasil, i dived in Porto Bello Island, but it not a good experience, becuase i was very nervous and not enjoyed to much, also i didnt see nothing interesting.
I think if diving for second time would be a better experience, anyway i think is dangerous becuase you can diving with species very dangerous like sharks or undiscovered species.
I hope that in the future to know this wonderful place, becuase for this you need a lot of money.
Well this is all for today :)