martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

My perfect Job

Hi Simon and classmates!

Well, in this opportunity i will talk about an perfect job, is difficult for me choose one, because i would like to do many things, and work in many areas.

Specially i really like to work around the world, and travel very much, but sometimes i think that i would like to job in a rural community, but the most far possible.

When I was in Brasil, I discovered that my ideal job is work like tourist guide, but would be in a beautiful beaches or exciting places.

I think that this job is perfect for me, because with my geographical studies, I know the geology, geomorphology, biogeography and coastal zones, and all this could supplement my job.

I would like work in Brasil, because this country is perfect and I love it! I think that the clima, people, beaches, all is perfect.

I really enjoy this job, because work in a paradise place would be gorgeous!!...and who would not enjoy a work like this?

I think this job would be satisfactory for me, because would be a realized a dream, and I could teach my geographical knowledge to tourist, because really will not a contribution to humanity jajajaja

For work in this job, I would need to learn many idioms because I work with people from around the world, also study some history.

I know many people with this job, and appear to enjoy it, but when I was in Brasil my tourist guide was an Argentinean woman and I felt jealous!

This is all,
See you!!

martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Pedro Almodovar

Hello Teacher and classmates!!!

Well, in this moment i will talk about one person that i would like to meet. I think is very difficult to choose one, because i like to meet very famous people in special artists, for example Silvio Rodriguez, Pedro Almodovar, etc, but how i choose one, I am going to speak about Pedro Almodóvar, because he is my favorite film director.

For begin i show you a Little biography for you know this film director.
Pedro Almodóvar was born on September 24, 1949 in Calzada de Calatrava, Province of Ciudad Real. He couldn't study filmmaking because he didn't have the money to afford it, however he has a great talent.

I would like to meet him, because i really fanatic of him films, like “Volver”, “Mala Educación”, “Hablé con ella”, “Tacones Lejanos” and in special i like the plot of him films.

I would like to talk obviously about him films and i think would be so fantastic ask him what his inspiration was? Or how he makes the films? And in special I think I talk about “Volver” because is my favorite film.

For me talk with actor and actress is very interesting, because I like the theatre and the cinema, and would be very exciting meeting he and talk about the cinema.
Do you know to Pedro Almodovar? What do you think about him? I hope you opinion!!

This all for this time

See You!!!

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

My perfedct day =)

Hello teacher and classmates!!!

In this ocasion i will talk about my perfect day.

For me a perfect day begin with a gleaming sun, because i really like the sunny days.

A perfect day for me would be on the Cajon del Maipo, in contact with the nature, i really like to camb on the cajon del maipo, because this place is very relaxing and i feel pretty good there, because the enviroment is very natural.
In this moment i would grateful the can be there, because i really need a calm day.
I would like be with my friends and walk during all the morning, climb a hill, before we could ride a horse aroud the lake, and breathing clear air. At cajón del Maipo i could make trekking, rafting, canopy.

Before of the walk, i would go to the thermal baths, and enjoy a evening of massage and spa, so relaxing! also enjoy of a good gastronomy, because el cajón del maipo is know for its godos restaurants.

At nigth a enjoy a party, but a natural party, that is to said, made a bonifire and talk about nothing, this is very typical with my friends, and some of artist friends sung and play the guitar.

I think that now im going to plan my perfect day with my best friends! I really hope have my perfect day soon =) Would you like join it?

Well, this all for this time,
See you at Fau!

martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

If you visit Santiago you should go to...

Hello everybody!!!

This time i am going to talk about Santiago.

In my opinion Santiago has beautiful places to visit, however i think that is dirty and crowed city, and i hate the public transport jajaja. But in this opportunity i will talk about good places that a foreigner tourist should know.

The foreigner tourist should visit the “Plaza de Armas”, “la catedral”, San Cristobal hill, El Mercado Central, Bellas Artes museum, “La moneda” and sometimes interesting neighborhood, like Bellavista, Lastarria, Brasil and Patronato.

I think that the centre of Santiago is a typical place, and the tourist should to visit and take pictures, in San Cristobal hill should visit the zoo and the swimming pool. In the “Mercado Central” should eat sea food and Bellavista neighborhood the tourist find the best place to have a party, there I recommend to visit “Galpon 9” and “Maestra Vida”. Personally Other very typical place is “La Piojera”, there sold typical drinks like “Terremoto”, this drink is a mixture of wine “Pipeño” and pineapple ice cream.

The last year I had a foreigner friend she came from California, and I invited to visit the “Lastarria” Neighborhood and we ate at “Utopia” Restaurant, and she loves it.

Another place that a foreigner tourist should visit is “Cajón Del Maipo”, and there you find the truth contact with the nature, and you can ride a horse, go to the thermal springs, climb a hill, trekking, this place is very relaxing.

This is all see you at Fau



Hello classmates!!!

In this opportunity I will talk about the shop, this topic I identified because I work in a shop jjajaja, and I sell clothes.

I really like the shopping, and specially go to “Patronato” neighborhood, I don’t know the first time when I visited Patronato, but I remembered that when I was a school I was very often, because I studied very near of Patronato, and with my classmates were going to buy clothes and always we would buy at the Chinese Supermarket because there where selling strange and delicious ice cream.

I often went to Patronato, because I live near there, and because the clothes are very beautiful and cheap, and I always find what I want.

The last thing that I bought there was a pretty bag, I bought it at street =P

In this place sell all kinds of clothes, like shirts, dresses, pants, also sell accessories such as sunglasses, earrings, bags, shoes, etc, this place is fantastic!! Jajja, but the best is the cost, because is pretty cheap.
Another place that i like to buy is “Bandera”, because there buy the second-Hand clothes, i knew this place with my friends vianana and xica, the first year at university, and sometimes we went there to buy, because the clothes are very cheap and beutiful. The last week viviana and me, went to buy shirts and we find an outlet shop, call “Marcamania” and is rerally cheap, becuase all things cost $ 990.

This is all, See you at Fau!