martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

My perfedct day =)

Hello teacher and classmates!!!

In this ocasion i will talk about my perfect day.

For me a perfect day begin with a gleaming sun, because i really like the sunny days.

A perfect day for me would be on the Cajon del Maipo, in contact with the nature, i really like to camb on the cajon del maipo, because this place is very relaxing and i feel pretty good there, because the enviroment is very natural.
In this moment i would grateful the can be there, because i really need a calm day.
I would like be with my friends and walk during all the morning, climb a hill, before we could ride a horse aroud the lake, and breathing clear air. At cajón del Maipo i could make trekking, rafting, canopy.

Before of the walk, i would go to the thermal baths, and enjoy a evening of massage and spa, so relaxing! also enjoy of a good gastronomy, because el cajón del maipo is know for its godos restaurants.

At nigth a enjoy a party, but a natural party, that is to said, made a bonifire and talk about nothing, this is very typical with my friends, and some of artist friends sung and play the guitar.

I think that now im going to plan my perfect day with my best friends! I really hope have my perfect day soon =) Would you like join it?

Well, this all for this time,
See you at Fau!

3 comentarios:

  1. Hey!! I also thought something similar!! In fact, natural monument Morado is on Cajón del Maipo.. so, we could go some weekend.. i need a moment of rest too!

    Honey.. and i can play guitar for you!! 1313..ajjaajjaja!!


  2. Hey, sounds like a fun day. I hope you invite me once it's organised.

  3. Hi Vane, my perfect day is the same jajaja (Cajon del Maipo), well, i would like to be in your perfect day...