miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

My Favourites Activities

In my free time, i read, listen to the music and see a movies, and i couldn´t choose one, for this reazon i´m going to speak to you about of three activities.
I try to read every night before sleep, but sometimes i can´t read, specially when i study for a test. On vacation i enjoy read all time. When i was in secundary school i knew that i like read books, and since this time i read all time. I enjoy doing it, because i think that is interesting imagine the characters and the place where happen the history.
I listen to music every days, specially when i´m on subway, the music relax me, and the kind of music depends on how i feel. I couldn´t say when were i started doing it, because i don´t remenber, but i think since i was a child.
I see movies weekends with my boyfriend and my friends, when i was a secundary school i had a cinema workshop, it were very funny. I enjoy see a movies on cinema or in my house eating popcorn. I think that see movies can be good for learn the history and know differents cultures, because every movie has differents plots.

jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

China holds national day of mourning for quake dead

China lived a earthquake of 6.9 magnitude, tens of thousands of people were left homeless by the earthquake and 2.039 people died.

For this reason china realized a mourning party for the victims for the earthquake.

A Good Movie

Choose a movie is very difficult for me, because i love see movies, my favorites movies are volver, amelie, crash, hierro 3, etc, but i chose El Secreto de sus ojos, because this is the last movie that i have seen. I saw this movie the last weekend with my boyfriend in the cinema.

El secreto de sus ojos is a movie from Argentina and obtained a prize best film Oscar.

This movie is directed for Juan José Campanella and it is stocks in the la pregunta de sus ojos novel. This led for Ricardo Darín, Soledad Villamil, Pablo Rago and Javier Godino.

The protagonist is Benjamín Esposito, he worked in a penal court and he is pensioner, por this reason he begins to writing a novel based in a real history, this history treats about a violation and murder of a pretty woman in Buenos Aires. In 1974 Esposito investigated the crime and he didn’t find to the assassin, but when begins to writing the novel Esposito begins to reconstruct the crime, and finally the protagonist didn’t imprison to the assassin, however he discovers the truth of murder.

I liked this movie, because it plot is very good and has good actors.

I recommend that they should see this movie, because is a great movie

miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

My experience with the Earthquake

I was in Viña del Mar and I was sleeping when began the earthquake, but in Viña the movement weren’t so strong,

I was with my boyfriend and our friends, my boyfriend is so relax and he would wants only sleep, but I felt scare, because I don’t knew how are my parents and I don’t knew what was happening in Santiago, in addition I could not call to my family, and for this I was worried.

In the morning we went to Horcon, because the grandparents of my boyfriend are there. The trip to Santiago were very long and impressive, because the road were broken, when I was in Santiago I don’t had water and electrical light.

I think that the Chilean responded well, because all people were solidary, and they sent water, clothes, food and other things.

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

My favourite piece of Technology

I think that technology it´s very important for development and it facilitates the life shape.

For be honest i´m not so friendly with the technology, but i try to learn it.

My favourite piece of technology is the cell phone, because i don´t be without it.

With the cell phone, you can make and receive calls, send and receive message, play games, take a photo, listen to the music, etc.

When i used the cell phone for the first time, i was at school, and it were my gift of christmas, them i tried use it, but it´s not were easy, the first time that i used it, i called to my cousin and it were very funny.

I like because i can be communicated always, because i call to my friends and my boyfriend.

Without it, i think that all would be more difficult, but i would try live without it.

What do you think about cell phone?