domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

The Geography

I think that the attractive about the career is the complement between physical and human geography, and its interesting for the people who like both areas as I and also the geography has a different way of working other jobs.

When I was at high school I knew a geographer, he went to my school to give talk about the geography and I am interested in the career, so I ask for help and now we are a good friends.

The truth is I don´t know if chose well, because the career not what I expected, but is late to repent.

I like the physical area about geography, for example I like the geology, hydrology and glaciology, however I also like the human geography for example I love to study rural communities.

I would like to specialize in geology, but I not sure. Luckily for me I have a year still to decide.

In my opinion the geography is a beautiful career, because the geographers understand from the physical environment to social organizations, but the problem is that sometimes the approach is wrong.

A Good Friend

I have a lot of good friends, because I have friends at university and friends of live.
My friends at university are: Viviana Berríos and Viviana Hernández, we met the first year at university, and since that time we didn´t separate, then we know 4 years ago. We see ourselves every day in classes and some times we see on weekends, for special days like happy birthdays. In general, we have homework for university, however we also have funny things, like go to a pub in Santiago and sometimes we organize trips to the beach, I love being with them because they are so funny.

I get on well with them because always willing to listen me, are fun, giving good councils and are always with me in good times and bad times.

Now I will talk to you about Pía she is my friend since high school, we know since 6 years ago. We try to see one time for month, it is very difficult see us, because she study different career and our schedules are different, she study Occupational Therapy. When we are together always go to a pub called “Tecla2”, some times we go to the cinema or organized roast with others friends like pilo, shorty and cami, is so fun.

I think that a good friend is who is always with you

I love my friends!

domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

Field Trip

We went to Pichilemu for study the cultural and social activities and we wanted to know what activity is the most representative of Pichilemu, for this we made a survey in different places like Cáhuil, Punta de Lobos, Los Ciruelos and Pañul.

I think that the most interesting part of the field trip was to Cáhuil, because the geography is pretty and the people were very friendly with us.

I learned that each place had its representative activity, for example in Cáhuil are “Las Salinas”, in Punta de Lobos the activity representative is the surf, in Pañul the ceramics and in Los Ciruelos the San Andrés Party, also is very important know that between this places are many differences.

I really liked Pichilemu, but I don’t know if I would live there, I think that Pichilemu is a beautiful place, because had beach and field, but I still don’t choose where I want to live.

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

The viki´s blog!!

The viki´s blog is very fun!!!....because is so pink and its look very nice, i really like the blog desing.
Well, for the begining, viki has a welcome to visitors blog, and this blog has four atom.

In this blog, viki shows videos and she add photographs, etc.

I think that this blog is so pretty, and is a good representation about her, because she is so sweet and funny.

The viki´s blog has many posts, and she blog is pretty popular.

The atom most like me about is “everybody´s fine!” her favourite film, because i think the plot is a real situation, i haven´t seen it, but i would like to see it. In general i like all atoms for viki´s blog, because she is very funny for writte.