domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Go to the cinema!!!

Hello Simon and classmates!!

Well, this is the last blog!!! i think so, and I will talk about my favorite activity at free time.

At free time, I love to listen to the music, read and see a films, but my favorite activity is go to the cinema, with my friends or only.

The last films that I saw was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, this film is the seventh and final of Harry Potter novels written by British author J. K Rowling, I don’t like so much, but I think this is great film. Also, I saw the Paranormal Activity 2 the plot of this film is about a family that After experiencing what they think are a series of "break-ins", a family sets up security cameras around their home, only to realize that the events unfolding before them are more sinister than they seem, I don’t like it, I think that is the worst film I have seen!

The next film, that I would like to see, is Post Mortem a Chilean film its plot is about Mario Cornejo, hi works in the morgue as the clerk in charge of drafting the reports of the autopsies performed by forensic doctors. In the days surrounding the 1973 coup is involved in a love affair with a dancer from Bim Bam Bum.

Well, this all!

See you at Fau!

miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

tower of London!

Hello teacher and classmates!

I will talk about the best place for me at London
I think that to choose the best place of London is difficult for me, because I like to visit many places like the London eye and the history royal palaces, but for me the best place is the history royal, because I like the history and I think that is would be amazing to go at tower of London, this place have a rich history and stories, also the building is beautiful. Other palace that I really like to visit is the Kensintong palace.

See you at fau!

martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Roller Skate!

Hello teacher and classmates!

In this opportunity i will talk about my favorite game when i was a child. When i was a child i like to went in roller skating and play the elastic game.

I remember that always i played with my best friend, because she would live in front my home, and we played after of school.

When was summer, my friend and me, played all the afternoon, and the game was about in run at roller skate for all my street, and we made competitions, in the begin i played only with she, but after we knew others children and the competitions was more funny.

I played very often, when i dont homework i went in roller skating in my street.

I think that i learned alone, because i dont remember that somebody taught me.

Other play that like me was the elastic game…jajaja...this game is so fantastic, in my free time; I played with my friends this game and played with elastic.

The idea of the game was jump the elastic the most high possible. For can this game, I wore pants to jump, and always my teacher punish, because was prohibit wear pants at school.

I really love to play this game and I played it up big =P, but I think that now I could not jump as high, but will try someday.

Well I think that all the girls of this class played the elastic game.

I hope you enjoy reading my post and remember you childhood like me =)

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

Hernán Rivera Letelier

Hello Simon and classmates!

The topic of today is Greatest Chilean, and i think that in Chile is a country of very important people such us Violeta Parra, Victor Jara, Pablo Neruda, etc. But this time i will talk about of an unknow writer he is Hernán Rivera Lettelier.
Hernán Rivera Lettelier is a writer, he borns in Talca and live there for 11 years, and later he moved to Antofagasta with his family.

In my opinion he is a Greatest Chilean, because he is a humble person, and for his efford and talent is a one of the best Chilean writer, and he was awarded for “El Consejo Nacional del Libro y la Lectura” and for the ministry of culture from France.
Hernan Rivera Letelier has written “Poemas y pomadas”, “Cuentos breves y cuescos de brevas”, “La reina Isabel cantaba rancheras”, “ Fatamorgana de Amor con banda de música”, etc.

I think this person´s deeds are important because some books that he writers, he talk about the chilean history and some of his novels describes Chilean places, and because he is a great writer and for this he is recognize around the world.
I knew to Hernan Rivera, when I was at school and I read “Fatamorgana de Amor con banda de música”, and I really like his how to write, because his way of describing the landscape is really interesting.

If I could meet him, I would like to ask him, Do your novels are based in reality? And why do your novels occur in the desert?

Well, this all! I recommend reading to Hernan Rivera.

martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

My perfect Job

Hi Simon and classmates!

Well, in this opportunity i will talk about an perfect job, is difficult for me choose one, because i would like to do many things, and work in many areas.

Specially i really like to work around the world, and travel very much, but sometimes i think that i would like to job in a rural community, but the most far possible.

When I was in Brasil, I discovered that my ideal job is work like tourist guide, but would be in a beautiful beaches or exciting places.

I think that this job is perfect for me, because with my geographical studies, I know the geology, geomorphology, biogeography and coastal zones, and all this could supplement my job.

I would like work in Brasil, because this country is perfect and I love it! I think that the clima, people, beaches, all is perfect.

I really enjoy this job, because work in a paradise place would be gorgeous!!...and who would not enjoy a work like this?

I think this job would be satisfactory for me, because would be a realized a dream, and I could teach my geographical knowledge to tourist, because really will not a contribution to humanity jajajaja

For work in this job, I would need to learn many idioms because I work with people from around the world, also study some history.

I know many people with this job, and appear to enjoy it, but when I was in Brasil my tourist guide was an Argentinean woman and I felt jealous!

This is all,
See you!!

martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Pedro Almodovar

Hello Teacher and classmates!!!

Well, in this moment i will talk about one person that i would like to meet. I think is very difficult to choose one, because i like to meet very famous people in special artists, for example Silvio Rodriguez, Pedro Almodovar, etc, but how i choose one, I am going to speak about Pedro Almodóvar, because he is my favorite film director.

For begin i show you a Little biography for you know this film director.
Pedro Almodóvar was born on September 24, 1949 in Calzada de Calatrava, Province of Ciudad Real. He couldn't study filmmaking because he didn't have the money to afford it, however he has a great talent.

I would like to meet him, because i really fanatic of him films, like “Volver”, “Mala Educación”, “Hablé con ella”, “Tacones Lejanos” and in special i like the plot of him films.

I would like to talk obviously about him films and i think would be so fantastic ask him what his inspiration was? Or how he makes the films? And in special I think I talk about “Volver” because is my favorite film.

For me talk with actor and actress is very interesting, because I like the theatre and the cinema, and would be very exciting meeting he and talk about the cinema.
Do you know to Pedro Almodovar? What do you think about him? I hope you opinion!!

This all for this time

See You!!!

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

My perfedct day =)

Hello teacher and classmates!!!

In this ocasion i will talk about my perfect day.

For me a perfect day begin with a gleaming sun, because i really like the sunny days.

A perfect day for me would be on the Cajon del Maipo, in contact with the nature, i really like to camb on the cajon del maipo, because this place is very relaxing and i feel pretty good there, because the enviroment is very natural.
In this moment i would grateful the can be there, because i really need a calm day.
I would like be with my friends and walk during all the morning, climb a hill, before we could ride a horse aroud the lake, and breathing clear air. At cajón del Maipo i could make trekking, rafting, canopy.

Before of the walk, i would go to the thermal baths, and enjoy a evening of massage and spa, so relaxing! also enjoy of a good gastronomy, because el cajón del maipo is know for its godos restaurants.

At nigth a enjoy a party, but a natural party, that is to said, made a bonifire and talk about nothing, this is very typical with my friends, and some of artist friends sung and play the guitar.

I think that now im going to plan my perfect day with my best friends! I really hope have my perfect day soon =) Would you like join it?

Well, this all for this time,
See you at Fau!

martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

If you visit Santiago you should go to...

Hello everybody!!!

This time i am going to talk about Santiago.

In my opinion Santiago has beautiful places to visit, however i think that is dirty and crowed city, and i hate the public transport jajaja. But in this opportunity i will talk about good places that a foreigner tourist should know.

The foreigner tourist should visit the “Plaza de Armas”, “la catedral”, San Cristobal hill, El Mercado Central, Bellas Artes museum, “La moneda” and sometimes interesting neighborhood, like Bellavista, Lastarria, Brasil and Patronato.

I think that the centre of Santiago is a typical place, and the tourist should to visit and take pictures, in San Cristobal hill should visit the zoo and the swimming pool. In the “Mercado Central” should eat sea food and Bellavista neighborhood the tourist find the best place to have a party, there I recommend to visit “Galpon 9” and “Maestra Vida”. Personally Other very typical place is “La Piojera”, there sold typical drinks like “Terremoto”, this drink is a mixture of wine “Pipeño” and pineapple ice cream.

The last year I had a foreigner friend she came from California, and I invited to visit the “Lastarria” Neighborhood and we ate at “Utopia” Restaurant, and she loves it.

Another place that a foreigner tourist should visit is “Cajón Del Maipo”, and there you find the truth contact with the nature, and you can ride a horse, go to the thermal springs, climb a hill, trekking, this place is very relaxing.

This is all see you at Fau



Hello classmates!!!

In this opportunity I will talk about the shop, this topic I identified because I work in a shop jjajaja, and I sell clothes.

I really like the shopping, and specially go to “Patronato” neighborhood, I don’t know the first time when I visited Patronato, but I remembered that when I was a school I was very often, because I studied very near of Patronato, and with my classmates were going to buy clothes and always we would buy at the Chinese Supermarket because there where selling strange and delicious ice cream.

I often went to Patronato, because I live near there, and because the clothes are very beautiful and cheap, and I always find what I want.

The last thing that I bought there was a pretty bag, I bought it at street =P

In this place sell all kinds of clothes, like shirts, dresses, pants, also sell accessories such as sunglasses, earrings, bags, shoes, etc, this place is fantastic!! Jajja, but the best is the cost, because is pretty cheap.
Another place that i like to buy is “Bandera”, because there buy the second-Hand clothes, i knew this place with my friends vianana and xica, the first year at university, and sometimes we went there to buy, because the clothes are very cheap and beutiful. The last week viviana and me, went to buy shirts and we find an outlet shop, call “Marcamania” and is rerally cheap, becuase all things cost $ 990.

This is all, See you at Fau!

martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

Fiestas Patrias!!!

Hello classmates!!! How were those parties? I hope that not excessive!!! Jajaja.

Well, in this opportunity I will talk about the my best remember of “Fiestas Patrias”
The best remember of Fiestas Patrias were when I was 10 years, because in this time my family and I travelled to the field, were very fun because all family would gather, my uncle, aunt, grandparents, my cousins, etc. I played with my cousins all day, also we ate too much, because the guys made the barbecue, and my grandmother made “empanadas”, “mote con huesillos”, etc.

I think that this Fiestas Patrias was memorable for me, because was a great celebrate, and we made a big party with typical Chilean games like “el trompo”, “el luche”, ect.

When I was a child, I didn’t know why we celebrate this date, for me only were a big party and I love this date, because I had vacation and I could play all day, but in this moment I know that this date mining the Chilean Independence, and is very important for the Chilean people, also on this occasion we celebrate the 200 years of independence.

I guess that everybody danced “cueca”, ate a lot of “empanadas” and drank “Pipeño” in this “Fiestas Patrias”

Well, this all for today!

martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010


Well, this time i will talk about strike of students. In general, i didnt participate in the strike, because i am very lazy also sometimes i wasnt agree with the requests. When i was at school i live the “penguin revolution” at 2006, but i cant protest, becuase i was at private school and it were forbinden to protest, but my classmates and me help the other schools in strike and we took meals to other school, becaus the students of others shool sleep there, and live at school.

In this moment, i agree with the demonstrations, bacause i think is very important to improv the education in our contry, because the education is the basis for to contruct a better future. An is very important to fight for the public education in chile, because we are part of this public education.

However i admit that i didnt participate in the strike, because i am really lazy, but also i have been work very much, for this i didnt take part in the demonostrations. However i try to be informed.

martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Villa Cariño Concert e e e e e!!!

Hello classmates and Simon!

In this ocasion, i will talk about a concerts, in my life i went to few concerts like Joe Vasconcellos and Javiera Parra, becuase sometimes i dont like the crowded, but one of my favourites activies is go to Villa Cariño concert, because they aren´t very popular and for this razon i talk about it. This band plays Cumbia.
The best concert were when Estefa, Vicky and me, went to “Galpon Victor Jara”, this place is near Brasil square, we danced and singed all nigth and was very fun, this concert were at July 2010.
I very enjoyed this concert, because we were near the stage, and vocalist called Max put the microphone for singing with him, and were very exciting, because Vicky and me love him. But but the best of the night was the tried to declaration of love of Vicky to Max (singer)...jajaj..sorry Vicky.
I decided go to the event, because i really like this group and my friends invited me!, and when the concert finish, we went to Vicky house and had a great time!..also in the morning the breakfast were very delicius.
This Friday, this group premieres the second CD called “15añero” in the Amanda Central Cultures and i hope can go with my friends, for listen the new songs, like “NO!”, “15añero” and others.
Well, i hope your comments and opinions about this Chilean Group, and i recommend listening them.

martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

Dive in Galapagos Islands

Hello classmates!!!

How were the holidays???, I was a great holidays with my friends in Viña, but reggrettably the class start again, abd this time i am going to speak about something interesting or exciting for my.
I think that i would like diving the Exotic Island, in especially in Ecuador Galpagos Islands, becuase this place is very interesting and has a many particular species that you can only find there. The difference of diving there is that this place is not discovered completely, and in my opinion is a mystic place, and has a uniqued blend of marine animals.
In the Galapagos is possible to dive in the company of sea turtles, manta rays, penguins, sean lions, dolphins and numerous species of sharks, incluiding hammerheads and whale sharks.
The islands are about 30 dive sites.The tour companies specializing in diving have been operating in the Galapagos Islands for many years, offering diving courses for beginners and day tours
In 2007 when i went to Brasil, i dived in Porto Bello Island, but it not a good experience, becuase i was very nervous and not enjoyed to much, also i didnt see nothing interesting.
I think if diving for second time would be a better experience, anyway i think is dangerous becuase you can diving with species very dangerous like sharks or undiscovered species.
I hope that in the future to know this wonderful place, becuase for this you need a lot of money.
Well this is all for today :)

miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010


Hello classmates!

This time i will talk about my favourite band of Chilean music, they are “Villa Cariño” this band plays Cumbia, some songs are “No puedo olvidarla”, “Cumbia triste”, “Abril”, etc. They are singing two years, before that they were singing the Andean Music and the group called Illari.

The first time when I listen it, was two weeks ago in “Maestra Vida”, because Vicky and Estefa invited me, and then i love it!!

The last Saturday Vicky, Estefa and me, went to “Galpón Víctor Jara” to see them and we danced all night, but the best of the night was the tried to declaration of love of Vicky to Max (singer).

The next Wednesday plays in “Subterráneo”, and we will go even though we have a presentation on rural development.

I hope you like the group and I recommend it, I think they are a great band and we support the Chilean music.

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Chile vs Honduras

Hello classmates!

Now i will talk to you, about the Chile vs Honduras game and this isn´t a topic favourite for me, because i don´t know about the football.

I didn´t watch this game, because i was going at Ximena´s house, but i felt very tired, and i prefer see it in my house, i really wanted to watch it, but i had much sleep and when my alarm clock sound i can´t to awakening. However when i wake up i can to see the game, because on the news repeated it.

I hope watch the second game Chile vs Suiza, the next week on monday, and this game is at 10:00, this game will be after of test and i think that watch it with my friends at university.

For be honest i dont like it so much about the play soccer, but i think that the world cup is very funny and is a big party, especially for chilean people.
I don´t know about players, and i could say who is the best or worst, but my boyfriend says that Jean Beausejour was the best, because he put the goal, but he says that Mauricio Isla and Alexis Sanchez played well and Rodrigo Millar was the worst, because he wasn´t played much and he had a muscle injury.
Is important to be aware of what happens with the World Cup, because now everyone is talking only about that.

Sorry, but I´m not a good football commentator but I tried.

sábado, 12 de junio de 2010

Free Post!

Hello Classmates!

I will talk about my favourite Latin American singer. He is Silvio Rodriguez, he´s a Cuban musician. He is considered Cuba's best known folk singer and known for his highly eloquent and symbolic lyrics.

The first time that I listen it, was when I was a school and I love it. His music relaxes me, and when I have a stressful week, only Silvio relax me.

My favourite songs are: “Juego que me regaló un 6 de Enero”, “Mujeres”, “La familia, la propiedad privada y el amor”, “Soltar todo y largarse” and many more.

domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

My Favorite Subject

Hi classmates!

In this occasion I will talk about my favorite subject, you know that I like the area’s physical geography, but my favorite subject in this semester is rural development.

My favorite subject in this semester is rural development; the truth is that this semester the subjects have not been very well, because in my opinion the teachers aren’t committed with the subjects. However the rural development is a good subject.

The teacher is Martine Driven, she is from Belgian and she is economist and worked in CEPAL, and her classes are very interesting, although sometimes the classes are stressful, because there are many continuous hours.

In this semester I have know reality about rural communities, but from an economic vision and has been very interesting.

When I work like a geographer I hope work in the physical area, but I think that this subject help me to understand different cultures.

sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

My Best Holiday!

Hello Classmates!

On this occasion i will talk of my best holiday.

My best Holiday was in Perú, I went with my boyfriend, and went in July 2009 for winter vacations.

First we took an airplane to Arica, then we took a cab to Tacna and after we took a bus to Cusco, the trip was very long and tedious, because the bus stopped everywhere, but when we arrived to cusco was very wonderful and impressive.

In Cusco, we met a lot of ruins like Sacsayhuamán, Quenco, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay, but the best was known Machu Picchu this place is so mystical and beautiful.

In Arequipa we had little money and we can’t went to “Cañón del Colca”, but we did a city tour and know the volcanoes like “Misti”, “Chachani” and “Pichu Pichu” and went on horseback around the Chili river and was very fun.

The Peruvian people were very friendly with us, and can know their culture, this was the best of the trip, but the Peruvian meal is awful and my boyfriend and I were stomach ache.

I remember this holiday, because was my last holiday, also know Peru it was a dream for me.

domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

The Geography

I think that the attractive about the career is the complement between physical and human geography, and its interesting for the people who like both areas as I and also the geography has a different way of working other jobs.

When I was at high school I knew a geographer, he went to my school to give talk about the geography and I am interested in the career, so I ask for help and now we are a good friends.

The truth is I don´t know if chose well, because the career not what I expected, but is late to repent.

I like the physical area about geography, for example I like the geology, hydrology and glaciology, however I also like the human geography for example I love to study rural communities.

I would like to specialize in geology, but I not sure. Luckily for me I have a year still to decide.

In my opinion the geography is a beautiful career, because the geographers understand from the physical environment to social organizations, but the problem is that sometimes the approach is wrong.

A Good Friend

I have a lot of good friends, because I have friends at university and friends of live.
My friends at university are: Viviana Berríos and Viviana Hernández, we met the first year at university, and since that time we didn´t separate, then we know 4 years ago. We see ourselves every day in classes and some times we see on weekends, for special days like happy birthdays. In general, we have homework for university, however we also have funny things, like go to a pub in Santiago and sometimes we organize trips to the beach, I love being with them because they are so funny.

I get on well with them because always willing to listen me, are fun, giving good councils and are always with me in good times and bad times.

Now I will talk to you about Pía she is my friend since high school, we know since 6 years ago. We try to see one time for month, it is very difficult see us, because she study different career and our schedules are different, she study Occupational Therapy. When we are together always go to a pub called “Tecla2”, some times we go to the cinema or organized roast with others friends like pilo, shorty and cami, is so fun.

I think that a good friend is who is always with you

I love my friends!

domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

Field Trip

We went to Pichilemu for study the cultural and social activities and we wanted to know what activity is the most representative of Pichilemu, for this we made a survey in different places like Cáhuil, Punta de Lobos, Los Ciruelos and Pañul.

I think that the most interesting part of the field trip was to Cáhuil, because the geography is pretty and the people were very friendly with us.

I learned that each place had its representative activity, for example in Cáhuil are “Las Salinas”, in Punta de Lobos the activity representative is the surf, in Pañul the ceramics and in Los Ciruelos the San Andrés Party, also is very important know that between this places are many differences.

I really liked Pichilemu, but I don’t know if I would live there, I think that Pichilemu is a beautiful place, because had beach and field, but I still don’t choose where I want to live.

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

The viki´s blog!!

The viki´s blog is very fun!!!....because is so pink and its look very nice, i really like the blog desing.
Well, for the begining, viki has a welcome to visitors blog, and this blog has four atom.

In this blog, viki shows videos and she add photographs, etc.

I think that this blog is so pretty, and is a good representation about her, because she is so sweet and funny.

The viki´s blog has many posts, and she blog is pretty popular.

The atom most like me about is “everybody´s fine!” her favourite film, because i think the plot is a real situation, i haven´t seen it, but i would like to see it. In general i like all atoms for viki´s blog, because she is very funny for writte.

miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

My Favourites Activities

In my free time, i read, listen to the music and see a movies, and i couldn´t choose one, for this reazon i´m going to speak to you about of three activities.
I try to read every night before sleep, but sometimes i can´t read, specially when i study for a test. On vacation i enjoy read all time. When i was in secundary school i knew that i like read books, and since this time i read all time. I enjoy doing it, because i think that is interesting imagine the characters and the place where happen the history.
I listen to music every days, specially when i´m on subway, the music relax me, and the kind of music depends on how i feel. I couldn´t say when were i started doing it, because i don´t remenber, but i think since i was a child.
I see movies weekends with my boyfriend and my friends, when i was a secundary school i had a cinema workshop, it were very funny. I enjoy see a movies on cinema or in my house eating popcorn. I think that see movies can be good for learn the history and know differents cultures, because every movie has differents plots.

jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

China holds national day of mourning for quake dead

China lived a earthquake of 6.9 magnitude, tens of thousands of people were left homeless by the earthquake and 2.039 people died.

For this reason china realized a mourning party for the victims for the earthquake.

A Good Movie

Choose a movie is very difficult for me, because i love see movies, my favorites movies are volver, amelie, crash, hierro 3, etc, but i chose El Secreto de sus ojos, because this is the last movie that i have seen. I saw this movie the last weekend with my boyfriend in the cinema.

El secreto de sus ojos is a movie from Argentina and obtained a prize best film Oscar.

This movie is directed for Juan José Campanella and it is stocks in the la pregunta de sus ojos novel. This led for Ricardo Darín, Soledad Villamil, Pablo Rago and Javier Godino.

The protagonist is Benjamín Esposito, he worked in a penal court and he is pensioner, por this reason he begins to writing a novel based in a real history, this history treats about a violation and murder of a pretty woman in Buenos Aires. In 1974 Esposito investigated the crime and he didn’t find to the assassin, but when begins to writing the novel Esposito begins to reconstruct the crime, and finally the protagonist didn’t imprison to the assassin, however he discovers the truth of murder.

I liked this movie, because it plot is very good and has good actors.

I recommend that they should see this movie, because is a great movie

miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

My experience with the Earthquake

I was in Viña del Mar and I was sleeping when began the earthquake, but in Viña the movement weren’t so strong,

I was with my boyfriend and our friends, my boyfriend is so relax and he would wants only sleep, but I felt scare, because I don’t knew how are my parents and I don’t knew what was happening in Santiago, in addition I could not call to my family, and for this I was worried.

In the morning we went to Horcon, because the grandparents of my boyfriend are there. The trip to Santiago were very long and impressive, because the road were broken, when I was in Santiago I don’t had water and electrical light.

I think that the Chilean responded well, because all people were solidary, and they sent water, clothes, food and other things.

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

My favourite piece of Technology

I think that technology it´s very important for development and it facilitates the life shape.

For be honest i´m not so friendly with the technology, but i try to learn it.

My favourite piece of technology is the cell phone, because i don´t be without it.

With the cell phone, you can make and receive calls, send and receive message, play games, take a photo, listen to the music, etc.

When i used the cell phone for the first time, i was at school, and it were my gift of christmas, them i tried use it, but it´s not were easy, the first time that i used it, i called to my cousin and it were very funny.

I like because i can be communicated always, because i call to my friends and my boyfriend.

Without it, i think that all would be more difficult, but i would try live without it.

What do you think about cell phone?

miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

My favourite song at the moment

My favourite song at the moment is Joga by Björk.
Björk Gudmundsdottir (know populary simple as Björk) is one of the my favourite singer, she is a Iceland singer and song writte. When she started to sing, she formed the group The sugarcubes, and later she started her career like singer- songwritten, she become quickly a singer very popular and she is diference for her expressive and original style. I think that she´s a great singer.

When i was in the high school, one of my friends she showd me this kind of music, and i like it so much, but in the beginning i didn´t knew what the lyrics say, but i like the music.

I listened to this song once or twice at week, this is my favourite song at the moment.

The kind of music by Björk is alternative rock, but i think that depends of song, because same songs can be considered like folk, trip-hop, jazz and pop.

I hope you like this song!

miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

My Trip to Machu Picchu

This picture is from Machu Picchu, Peru. This place is really wonderful, because has a privileged landscape and its culture is very interesting. I think that this place is too mystical.