martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

My perfect Job

Hi Simon and classmates!

Well, in this opportunity i will talk about an perfect job, is difficult for me choose one, because i would like to do many things, and work in many areas.

Specially i really like to work around the world, and travel very much, but sometimes i think that i would like to job in a rural community, but the most far possible.

When I was in Brasil, I discovered that my ideal job is work like tourist guide, but would be in a beautiful beaches or exciting places.

I think that this job is perfect for me, because with my geographical studies, I know the geology, geomorphology, biogeography and coastal zones, and all this could supplement my job.

I would like work in Brasil, because this country is perfect and I love it! I think that the clima, people, beaches, all is perfect.

I really enjoy this job, because work in a paradise place would be gorgeous!!...and who would not enjoy a work like this?

I think this job would be satisfactory for me, because would be a realized a dream, and I could teach my geographical knowledge to tourist, because really will not a contribution to humanity jajajaja

For work in this job, I would need to learn many idioms because I work with people from around the world, also study some history.

I know many people with this job, and appear to enjoy it, but when I was in Brasil my tourist guide was an Argentinean woman and I felt jealous!

This is all,
See you!!

3 comentarios:

  1. Tourist Guide is an excellent work. Met many people, places and
    stories. Cool
    kisses vane

  2. Vane ... my dream job is also to tour guide!!!
    is the best job!!
    see you...

  3. Nice job. I do this work everythime somebody comes to visit me from Britain (upaid of course!).