martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

Hernán Rivera Letelier

Hello Simon and classmates!

The topic of today is Greatest Chilean, and i think that in Chile is a country of very important people such us Violeta Parra, Victor Jara, Pablo Neruda, etc. But this time i will talk about of an unknow writer he is Hernán Rivera Lettelier.
Hernán Rivera Lettelier is a writer, he borns in Talca and live there for 11 years, and later he moved to Antofagasta with his family.

In my opinion he is a Greatest Chilean, because he is a humble person, and for his efford and talent is a one of the best Chilean writer, and he was awarded for “El Consejo Nacional del Libro y la Lectura” and for the ministry of culture from France.
Hernan Rivera Letelier has written “Poemas y pomadas”, “Cuentos breves y cuescos de brevas”, “La reina Isabel cantaba rancheras”, “ Fatamorgana de Amor con banda de música”, etc.

I think this person´s deeds are important because some books that he writers, he talk about the chilean history and some of his novels describes Chilean places, and because he is a great writer and for this he is recognize around the world.
I knew to Hernan Rivera, when I was at school and I read “Fatamorgana de Amor con banda de música”, and I really like his how to write, because his way of describing the landscape is really interesting.

If I could meet him, I would like to ask him, Do your novels are based in reality? And why do your novels occur in the desert?

Well, this all! I recommend reading to Hernan Rivera.

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  1. Hi waxiniii!!
    I think it's very interesting to the person who chose ... I do not think I've read books by this author. if you have any book youcould give me ...