martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Roller Skate!

Hello teacher and classmates!

In this opportunity i will talk about my favorite game when i was a child. When i was a child i like to went in roller skating and play the elastic game.

I remember that always i played with my best friend, because she would live in front my home, and we played after of school.

When was summer, my friend and me, played all the afternoon, and the game was about in run at roller skate for all my street, and we made competitions, in the begin i played only with she, but after we knew others children and the competitions was more funny.

I played very often, when i dont homework i went in roller skating in my street.

I think that i learned alone, because i dont remember that somebody taught me.

Other play that like me was the elastic game…jajaja...this game is so fantastic, in my free time; I played with my friends this game and played with elastic.

The idea of the game was jump the elastic the most high possible. For can this game, I wore pants to jump, and always my teacher punish, because was prohibit wear pants at school.

I really love to play this game and I played it up big =P, but I think that now I could not jump as high, but will try someday.

Well I think that all the girls of this class played the elastic game.

I hope you enjoy reading my post and remember you childhood like me =)

4 comentarios:

  1. I played a few with roller skating... I remember that After I bored this game. I love only bike..jejeje..

    all payed to this. Was funny

    kisses vane

  2. Hey Wapi!! :)
    How was the field trip?

    Roller skating?! I also did it! ..In fact, I want a pair of rollers NOW!!!

    silla! (K)

  3. I also played the elastic. by far the best and very cool!!

    see youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!:)

  4. Oh! the roller skating sounds good!

    I like too!

    See you =)